Raluca-Georgia Diugan

Hi and welcome to my bit of the Internet! I am Raluca, a researcher in cyber security and privacy, passionate about the Internet, its privacy, education, media, and society. My most recent work focuses on privacy-enhancing, anonymous, and decentralized technologies. I am currently based in Abu Dhabi, working with NYU Abu Dhabi's Cyber Security and Privacy Lab, advised by Dr. Christina Pöpper.

reach out at

NYU Abu Dhabi
Saadiyat Island
P.O. 129188

what I work(ed) on

I got my CS degree at NYU Abu Dhabi, in 2019. For my capstone project (read: "thesis") I worked on designing a decentralized alternative to public forums such as Reddit. We used distributed ledgers for content storage/network history symmetry and proposed incentive schemes to tackle the systems' economic issues. In the meantime I've started getting (even more) interested in privacy and security. I am now working on projects concerning data deletion, anonymity in the browser, and media coverage of privacy issues. I'm hoping and eager to combine the two and see if and how our (digital) societies can be improved as a result of that. I sometimes take pictures. I constantly observe the world. Feel free to reach out about anything!